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Psycho, Predator, Aliens and The Munsters: Toy Fair 2013 is a Retro Horror Wonderland



There’s no denying that the majority of the aisles at the 110th annual American International Toy Fair in New York City this week are filled with every kind of sweet, innocuous toy you can imagine. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of horror depravity to be found. Collectible companies like Mezco, NECA and DST are keeping the horror flag flying with new lines celebrating some of the very best classic horror properties from Hitchcock’s Psycho to Shaun of the Dead.  If you like retro horror, there’s plenty coming in 2013 and here’s the best of what the show revealed to us…


A longtime industry leader in creating horror action figures, NECA is continuing some of its most popular horror franchise lines in 2013 (Predator, Freddy) but more importantly this is the year they finally re-launch their Aliens license with a brand new line of action figures. 

Randy Falk, Director of Product Development at NECA, tells FEARnet, “We’re doing the Colonial Marines for the very first time. There are some actor’s likenesses we can’t do but we got the best: Paxton (Hudson) and Biehn (Hicks). Series One is Hicks, Hudson and the Warrior Alien with brown highlights out in April. In the summer, we’re doing two-packs of Marines vs Warriors. They get all new head sculpts with helmets and additional accessories. Hicks comes with the alien that he shotguns to the head, while Hudson comes with one he pulse-rifles. We’re sculpting Series Two which will have additional Marines, and we’re going back to Ridley Scott’s ’79 alien with the clear dome. And we’re doing a massive Queen for Christmas ’13.”

Falk does confirm they don’t currently have Sigourney Weaver’s likeness rights to produce an Ellen Ripley figure but he’s hopeful that could change. “We got Arnold (Schwarzenegger) for Predator by the eighth series, so we’re going to try. It won’t be soon but we’re going to try.”

Speaking of the Predator line, Falk says it is still going strong as they debut their ninth and tenth series in 2013. “As of the end of last year, we had done about 30 Predators,” Falk says, “and by the end of this year, there will be somewhere between 45 and 50.” Series eight and nine will feature Dutch for the first time ever.  Series 10 will be a special series that is a homage to the Kenner Predators figure series from the early ‘90s. Falk reveals, “We pitched three Predator figures from back in the day – Lava Planet Predator, Night Storm Predator and Hive Wars Predator – that we liked and did modern upgrades inspired by them but with today’s sculpting and articulation. Even the packaging is a nod to the old Kenner packaging. They were fun to do and let us do some of our own design work.”

There will also be a special 12x12 Predator Diorama coming out this year. “This is truly a fan reward,” Falk explains. “It’s just like what you see in the Predator ship in Predator 2. All of the skull [trophies] have been available either as San Diego Comic-Con exclusives or Toys ‘R Us exclusives. The fans who have collected the whole line will now have a place to display all the skulls. One massive skull comes with the set but the rest you have to get them in retail. It’s a true thank you to the fans and we appreciate that everyone has supported us and we’re sculpting Series 11 and 12 now.”

A Nightmare on Elm Street fans can look forward to Freddy's Furnace, a scale prop featuring a flickering LED inside and a door that opens and closes. It will be available in April for about $40.00. 


Double-digit deep into their successful Living Dead Dolls figures, Mezco continues to mine classic horror cinema this year with figures based on Dracula and Psycho. In particular, the two doll Psycho set is done in black and white and features Mother with raised knife ready to inflict a world of hurt on a white toweled Marion Crane. Look for them midyear for $59.99 

Diamond Select Toys

The Munsters are still hot, at least in action figure format, so DST is adding Series 3 of the Mockingbird Lane residents this time with a need for speed. Zach Oat, DST Marketing Supervisor, tells us that “they are calling the line Hot Rod, with Hot Rod Grandpa, Herman, Race wear Lily with her parasol and Uncle Gilbert. If you buy all four, you get all the parts to build the Munster’s staircase with Spot inside.” All pieces will be out by Halloween 2013.


Funko’s Pop Vinyl series expands this year with a little more horror (literally and figuratively) including Robocop, Mars Attacks and the wee cannibal known as Hannibal Lecter. They all drop in May 2013 for $9.99 each.

Bif Bang Pow!

The classic Twilight Zone line of figures, lunch boxes and props will continue into 2013 and fans of the seminal episode, “Eye of the Beholder” can look forward to an exceptionally awesome set that captures the climactic moment that encapsulates the entire episode. It hits stores in the spring. 

Factory Entertainment

Just shy of Shaun of the Dead’s ten year anniversary, Factory Entertainment immortalizes Shaun, Ed and a pudgy zombie attacker with individual Shakems motion statues. Available in 2013. 

Photos by Bill Edwards