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Psychostick Tackle Terror With Laughs (and Metal)


Photo by Mary Taylor

Self-dubbed "humorcore" band Psychostick decided to shift their bizarre musical focus from the usual favorite themes (beer, boobs and sandwiches) and dip their toes into the realm of monsters (both real and imaginary) with their upcoming album Space Vampires vs. Zombie Dinosaurs in 3D. Sporting a title that sounds like a crappy direct-to-DVD flick, this record is designed to be hilarious. Hit the jump for more background on the band and what to expect from their latest bout of insanity...

Since their formation in 2000, this Phoenix-based quartet has released two full-length albums and toured with the likes of Three Days Grace, Hellyeah, Five Finger Death Punch, Hatebreed, Chimaira, Machine Head and Shadows Fall. Their M.O. is a fusion of extreme metal and outrageous humor... kinda like GWAR, but with less emphasis on dismemberment and mutant genitalia. With those skills, they aspired to "climb the comedy-metal version of Mount Everest" for their latest project, and claim to have returned from that creative summit intact "without having to eat any of their personnel."

Despite the title (let's call it SVZD3D for short), some of the creepy subject matter in this release comes from more mundane sources... including one we've all come to fear at some point in our lives. According to guitarist Josh Key, the song "The Root of All Evil" is about having to endure a series of long and grueling sessions with his dentist. "That song was very genuine," Key reveals. "I ended up in the course of a few months having a tooth pulled, a root canal, and seven cavities drilled. I wrote it in pieces driving to and from the dentist... if you're going to write a song about going to the dentist, what better time to write it than on the way to the fucking dentist?"

SVZD3D is slated for release on August 16th. The band is also planning a series of videos to go with it, so we'll keep a close watch for those.