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Punish Yourself Sez: Think PINK!


Electro-industrial act Punish Yourself are notorious for bizarre, demonic live performances (featuring fetish costumes, fire-play and neon body-paint) that have made them both feared and loved in their native France: the band themselves sum up their act as “a crazy comic book from hell, as if Jack Kirby was trapped inside a futuristic Titty Twister club.” If you saw them in action, you'd realize that description is right on the money. Well, now those Franco-freaks are poised to follow up their breakthrough 2007 album Cult Movie with an even more deranged outing and tour...

Pink Panther Party is currently in the mixing & mastering stage, and the band has their eye on a possible June release.

“Expect it to blow your head up (or out, or anything, actually),” assures the band on their blog, although the album's theme – not to mention their use of the famous Pink Panther mascot decked out in punk regalia – remains a mystery. “It's fun like a Russ Meyer movie, dark like a Romero zombie, f**ked-up like a William Burroughs book... whats the use of asking any questions?”

The gonzo track titles reflect the band's irreverent, playfully naughty approach, and include “End of the Western World,” “Satan Buddies” and “Ssssssssssssnake.” Check 'em out at their official MySpace if you dare!