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News Article

Rambo to Kick @ss Again!


After the mild success of Rambo at the box office this weekend, Harvey Weinstein of The Weinstein Company, told that he plans to challenge 61-year-old Sly ‘Rambo’ Stallone to drop the retirement plan and continue blasting semi-automatic weapons through the rib cages of anyone in his way!

After banking about $12.5 million opening weekend, Weinstein says he expects Rambo to net nearly $150 million overseas. So in preparation for the film’s oversea success, Weinstein has already begun planning a sequel "bringing the character back to the United States".

"I like the idea of an older guy kicking ass,” says Weinstein. “Maybe it's because I'm older, too."

In short, this can only mean that there isn’t a Burmese village or U.S. city on this planet that will be safe from Sly’s unstoppable flesh ripping, bone blasting gunfire…or sitting through another Rambo film.

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