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News Article

Rammstein’s New Single Coming Soon!

Rammstein has just announced the impending arrival of the first single from their still-untitled new studio album – the first new music from Germany’s iconic industrial-metal band since their 2005 release Rosenrot. The excellently named track Pussy will launch in a few weeks, perhaps easing some of the building tension in the run-up to the highly anticipated album’s release next month. More details lurk below…

Pussy will be released exclusively through iTunes (so expect the little asterisks in the title listing), along with B-side Rammlied on September 22nd, and the new studio album – the title of which, which according to the band’s media rep, is still “a closely guarded secret” – will be released on October 20th in North America through a deal between Universal Music Germany and Vagrant Records.

After a few tiny, mystery-shrouded posts to their official site, the band finally offered up a grand statement yesterday, declaring that Rammstein now “unsheathes its sword and presents what makes man an animal,” and promised to put the “pedal to the metal on the Autobahn of German clichés, where homage is paid to the hand-to-hand battle between the sexes with words like Bratwurst, Blitzkrieg, and Mercedes-Benz … to destinations abroad, past Heidi with her burgers and away from the German Fräuleinwunder.” I’m not entirely sure what they meant by that, but it sounds pretty ambitious to me.

A video for Pussy has already been filmed under the direction of Jonas Åkerlund, and more info on its premiere is coming soon. Given the song title and the gloriously twisted nature of this band’s visuals, I can hardly imagine what beautiful depravity awaits our eyes and ears.