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News Article

Rammstein Reveal New Album Art!

Following the double-whammy of announcing upcoming single, and the horrifying teaser for the accompanying video featuring naked band members making their ugliest sex-faces (thanks guys, now I need months of intense therapy), Rammstein has unveiled the promotional art for their upcoming album, which is now confirmed to be titled Liebe Ist Für Alle Da (which, if my two semesters of college German can be trusted, roughly translates as 'Love is for Us All'). It’s actually quite exquisite, and isn’t nearly as outrageous as one might expect from a band known to write songs about deadly plane crashes, animal sex, and snacking on a certain male body part. Be brave and read on!

As we mentioned earlier, the new album will reach US shores on October 20th, and the accompanying artwork (main panel shown below) will be a series of enhanced photographs by Eugenio Recuenco, arranged in a storyboard style to depict the many strange forms that love can take.

Drummer Christophe 'Doom' Schneider explained the concept of the album as examining 'extreme forms of love.' Keyboardist 'Flake' Lorenz elaborated on this idea by saying, 'Love can be interpreted in many different ways; for example, sometimes unreciprocated love can lead to tragic situations - mass murders, school shootings, terrible events like that. Hate is the negative form of love, like hot and cold.'

Since the cover panel seems to indicate singer Till Lindemann is preparing to lop off a naked woman’s hand on a dining table surrounded by his band-mates (who look rather hungry), one can only speculate if they consider this one of love’s more… er, unique manifestations.