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News Article

Rammstein: The World's Most Dangerous Band?


You might think legendary industrial metallers Rammstein couldn't possibly outdo the international controversy surrounding their X-rated music videos or CD box sets filled with sex toys... but according to a recent report from German news outlet Deutsche Welle, the band has again managed to achieve worldwide infamy: this time, they've been declared a danger to the citizens of Belarus by that country's officials. We've got the full report below the fold, so read on...

According to the DW article , the ominous-sounding Council for Morality announced earlier this week their intent to ban Rammstein from entering the former Soviet republic – claiming that their music promotes “violence, masochism, homosexuality and other abnormalities,” and could potentially “destroy the Belarusian state system.” This came despite assurances from the band's promoters that they do not intend to spread “violent, perverse, cruel or Nazi ideology” in their concerts.

The announcement apparently came a bit too late, since tickets to Rammstein's March 7th show in Minsk have already been sold, and the band's current tour covers a great deal of Eastern Europe. But Morality Council leader Nikolai Tcherginez claimed that measures would have to be taken to prevent “extremism,” stating that “permitting a Rammstein concert would be a costly mistake.”

According to Deutsche Welle, Belarus's recently-formed censorship bureau has been accused of “suppressing freedom of opinion,” so this news may not be as much of a shock to the citizens of Belarus as it would to the rest of us. Then again, German officials have also added Rammstein's smash album Liebe Ist Für Alle Da to their list of records deemed dangerous to Germany's youth... so maybe there's a trend going on here.