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Rapper Prozak Filming New Paranomal Documentary


Horror-inspired rapper and independent filmmaker Prozak – alias Steve Shippy, also known as "The Hitchcock of Hip-Hop" – is currently working on A Haunting on Potter Street, the third in a series of documentaries called SEEKERS, in which he and his team of paranormal investigators search for proof of hauntings and urban legends. This latest film finds Prozak and his crew on the trail of strange appearances at a historic abandoned train station. Hit the jump for more details, and be sure to watch the trailer...

Based in Saginaw, Michigan, Prozak has often referenced horror and the supernatural in his music (including his successful 2008 album Tales from the Sick and the upcoming Hitchcock of Hip-Hop), and he's bringing in an even wider audience thanks to his sideline as a filmmaker and paranormal investigator. Along with his crew of Brian Harnois (Ghost Hunters), Adam Eugenio and Tim Rooney, he investigates the abandoned Victorian-era Potter Street Station, which local legend claims to be haunted by a "woman in white" and a "shadowy apparition," and records their findings using high-end video and EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) technology.

Prozak's previous SEEKERS project, A Haunting on Hamilton Street, was released in two separate DVD volumes in 2010 and 2011, and you can find out more about them at their official site. A Haunting on Potter Street is coming in 2012, and you can check out the trailer right here...