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News Article

Ravage the Right Wing in 'Tea Party Zombies Must Die!'


We don't really talk about politics here much at FEARnet--mostly because there are a few things too scary for us to discuss—but I think there are a few cases where we have to make an exception.  Case in point, the anti-Republican zombie shooter Tea Party Zombies Must Die!  More after the break.

In Tea Party Zombies Must Die!, you're tasked with laying waste to the extreme right-wing members of the Tea Party, including Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, and a gruesomely bloated Glenn Beck.  However, these reanimated Republicans are now literal zombies, and they hunger for Liberal flesh!

While I'm not going to sound off on the politics behind this game (the original post regarding this title at MRCTV was a flamewar as soon as the first post was up, and we've got better things to discuss), the game itself is about the average quality that you'd expect from a Flash game: a simple first-person shooter that pits players against pixelated caricatures of Conservatives.  It's amusing for a few minutes, and certain to be quite cathartic for the game's target audience, if only to see an undead Bill O'Reilly shambling around the Fox News building.

OK, right-wingers, now it's your turn?  What's your answer to Tea Party Zombies?  Democrat Demons?  Progressive Poltergeist?  My vote goes to Liberal Lycanthropes!