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Ray Garton's 'Big Rock' Werewolf Series


Looking for a cozy winter read? How about something warm and furry, like Ray Garton's werewolf novels Ravenous (2008) and Bestial (2009)? Set in the small coastal town of Big Rock, California, these two graphic tales put a vicious spin on the werewolf canon by making lycanthropy a sexually-transmitted disease. Yup, in Garton's world, it's not the bite that turns you... and if the werewolf is more interested in snacking than mating, your survival prospects are basically nil anyhow.

While Ravenous presents the emerging horror as a dangerous unknown, the sequel expands to reveal a master plan set in motion by the lead lycanthrope. Garton even brings in characters from his vampire tale Night Life (sequel to his cult hit Live Girls) to broaden the scope. Highly recommended... especially for an It's Alive-inspired hospital scene that will scare you sterile.

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