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Ready to Revisit 'The Theatre Bizarre'?

A hit on the festival circuit, The Theatre Bizarre is getting a sequel - and it hasn't even landed theatrically yet. The Theatre Bizarre 2. W2 Media will co-finance the sequel, and distribute both films. Original producers Severin Films and Metaluna Productions will return for the sequel. We've got more details after the jump.

The original The Theatre Bizarre was inspired by France's Grand Guinol theatre, popular at the turn of the century for its portrayal of sex and gore. A woman sneaks into a long-abandoned theatre and discovers a bizarre scene before her, one that leads into the six separate short films. Tom Savini, Jeremy Kasten (The Wizard of Gore), Richard Stanley (The Island of Dr. Moreau), and Buddy Giovinazzo (Combat Shock), are a few of the directors who offers segments, with Udo Kier hosting.

The Theatre Bizarre will get a theatrical release January 2012, with The Theatre Bizarre 2 following in January 2013.