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News Article

Real-Life Doppelgangers Pose Together in This Chilling Portrait Series


Over the past several years, Montréal-based photographer François Brunelle has taken hundreds of haunting images depicting pairs of real-life lookalikes who are not identical twins... in fact, they're not even related.


For his ambitious project Je Ne Suis Pas Un Sosie ("I'm Not a Lookalike") the artist is gathering black & white portraits of around 200 pairs of doubles he's taken all around the world, which he will ultimately compile in a book and international tour.


Most of Brunelle's subjects had never met their doppelgangers prior to the photo sessions... and those first meetings must have been pretty unnerving.


The images are not digitally altered, and no special makeup or styling is used to enhance the models' uncanny similarities.


Find out more about the project at Brunelle's official site.