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Reason #1 Not to Trust Dolls: They See Everything


Trusted companion and confidant of youth, the doll takes on an evil twist in genre film, using its position of power with the children to its advantage. It’s the perfect reliquary for all types of demons, witchcraft and general malice, dolling out punishment with a sweet giggle and slash of a knife.  

FEARnet is paying tribute to the best of terrifying toys that haunt our dreams. First up in our series, Stuart Gordon’s frightening ‘80s fairy tale about what happens when parents don’t show kids the affection they deserve.

Film: Dolls
Director: Stuart Gordon
Year: 1987
Lies They Tell: Well, they aren’t really dolls in the traditional sense.  They are people who have visited the home of elderly toy makers Gabriel and Hilary Hartwicke and made a misstep. Stealing, fighting and a generally bad attitude are all strikes against humankind, and the perpetrators are made to pay when they are transformed into the Hartwickes’ devious army of imprisoned souls. These dolls lay in wait for the next visitors who will eventually become their victims.
Devilish Dolly Moment: There are some great moments of humans transforming into dolls, I especially like when dad becomes a Punch doll. But in terms of straight-up death scenes, well, my favorite might be when the absurd punk girl (there’s always a punk girl in ‘80s movies) gets her head bashed against the wall as comeuppance for stealing from the house. Those dollies sure are strong. Unfortunately, I can’t find the full clip, but you can get a taste of the madness below. Watch out for the giant teddy bear, it’s a Furry’s worst nightmare.