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Reason #3 Not to Trust Dolls: They Want Everyone to Be Just Like Them


MayLucky McKee’s film May is a wonderful story of a lovely young girl, with a bit of a doll fetish, who just can't seem to connect with other people in normal ways.  Her only true friend is a doll named Suzie made by her mother.

As if May wasn’t already destined to be messed up growing up with a mom who is a doll maker, her mother was kind enough to share some advice that her daughter took a little too much to heart, “If you can’t find a friend, make one!” You can imagine what happens. Part-Frankenstein and part-Carrie, May is endearingly psychotic and heart-wrenchingly lonely as she goes in search of the perfect best friend.

Film: May

Director: Lucky McKee

Year: 2002

Lies They Tell: May blames a lot of her problems on her doll Suzie, but it’s not Suzie’s fault. After all, she’s just a doll sitting all alone in a glass case. Watching, listening, judging, staring, criticizing … Let’s face it, Suzie is a total jerk and she totally deserved what she got at the school for the blind, when those kids smashed her up and left the school a bloody mess.

Devilish Dolly Moment: In the end, Suzie may have been destroyed, but her influence lives on. Heeding her mother's words, May dons a roughly -sewn-together dress, which looks a lot like one of Suzie’s, and goes in search of the perfect parts to make another best friend.