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Reason #5 Not to Trust Dolls: They Are Not What They Seem


Night Gallery The DollRod Serling put it best, “Sometimes the least likely objects can be filled with the most likely horror.”

Night Gallery’s episode The Doll, boasts what are, arguably, the creepiest dolls in horror history. I think it may be the fact that they have biting teeth that puts them over the top. But, even without the teeth, you should never trust a doll with the eyes of Tammy Faye.

In this vaguely racist story of a mysterious Indian doll sent to a young British girl, Monica, from an unknown gift giver, the doll in question gets its revenge against imperial Britain. From the beginning no one trusts the toy and Monica’s governess notices the growing obsession Monica feels for the gift. But the most disturbing moment is when the dolly smiles.

In truth, this doll was meant for Monica’s uncle Colonel Masters, an officer in Queen Victoria’s Colonial forces.  It was as assassin with order to avenge a death and will not stop until its mission is carried out.

Show: Rod Serling’s The Night Gallery: The Doll

Year: 1971

Lies They Tell: She’s been speaking to sweet innocent Monica at nights, telling her all kinds of things, secret things, things about Monica’s uncle. And old doll doesn’t like any other dolls to take Monica’s attention away from her. She punishes them most severely.

Devilish Dolly Moment: “Best remain awake colonel, the doll has teeth and there is no medicine on earth to save you.” She waits in the dark on the stairs, you can’t escape her deadly, chomping dolly mouth.