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Reason #6 Not to Trust Dolls: They Know How to Pull Your Strings


Puppet MasterIt’s impossible not to like David Schmoeller’s Puppet Master, a film that combines Nazis, psychics, and the greatest killer puppets in film history. Yep, you read correctly. The greatest.  First, let’s go through the puppets. There’s Blade who rocks a trench coat and was apparently inspired by Klaus Kinski, Jester, little Pinhead, Sexy Leech Lady (she pukes up leaches), and the big Drill Head dude.

They are the former puppets of a Puppet Master who shoots himself at the beginning of the film, as Nazis are coming to arrest him. But wait! He has craftily hidden his live puppets in a chest before he dies. Fast forward many years and the puppets are now being controlled by a psychic, who’s only mission is to kill all his psychic friends in creative ways with the help of these tiny wooden menaces. It has been a bit of time since I’ve seen the first Puppet Master, but the plot doesn’t really matter that much. It’s all about the deadly dolls and the nine sequels they spawned.

Film: Puppet Master

Year: 1989

Lies They Tell: In general, the puppets are pretty straight up about being evil.

Devilish Dolly Moment: I am going to go with Leech Lady draining the blood from psychic bad boy Frank during an amorous encounter. Just imagining what went into filming that scene is hilarious. Watch a clip, along with one of Blade and Pinhead making short work of a psychic witch.