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Remember to Remove the Maggot Before You Eat This Cupcake


The crazy bakers of Twisted Fondant have come up with what may be the grossest idea in dessert history: the Mango Fly Larvae Cupcake.

Most people aren’t too keen on food that already has maggots in it. Typically, it is dumped in the bin. But said grub-haters may change their minds after seeing this mango pus stuffed cupcake with its delicious maggoty surprise.

Still not convinced? Maggot just too much? Want to save the maggot for later? The baker has you covered: The cupcake comes with a latex glove and tweezer “so you can remove the fondant larvae from the hole in the cupcake's flesh & then squeeze out the Mango flavoured pus!”

Because it’s always important have good table manners, observe the proper maggot removal technique below.

Pull Out Maggot

Maggot Removed

Push the Pus

Upon further investigation on Twisted Fondant’s Facebook page, it appears the larvae that’s burrowed into the cake center is made of pure fondant. Cupcakes can be tasted, maggots and all, at the third Eat Your Heart Out pop up cake event. Rum-filled macabre liqueur chocolate hands will also be available.