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News Article

'Resident Evil 5' Blowout! Demo, Action Figures!


As we creep closer to Resident Evil 5’s March release date, those carrot-dangling bastards at Capcom keep those tasty nuggets of information coming just frequently enough to keep us in a perpetual state of fanboy panic.

First, they’ve finally released an official demo to North America, featuring the same two levels as the infamous Japanese demo from a few weeks back.  For those of you that exploited the initial region-locking snafu to score the Japanese demo when it was released (Not me though…*cough*), this is old hat.  New players, however, can look forward to two levels of what boils down to a completely gorgeous RE4 with a sidekick in Africa.  Hey, nothing wrong with that!  Unfortunately for you silver members, this demo falls underneath Microsofts “Gold Member Exclusive” banner, proving that the best things in life aren’t always for free.

Secondly, the oft-referenced Capcom Unity Blog has dropped a chunky gallery of RE5 action figures produced by the toymasters at NECA, including Chris, Sheva, and the Executioner.  Better clear some more room on your toy shelf come March.