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News Article

'Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection' Coming to PSN June 26th.

Horror fans whose Playstation Move controllers have been gathering dust will have reason to take the clown-nosed peripherals out of storage next month, when Capcom releases Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection to PSN.  More info from Joystiq after the break.

Capcom's once again remastering a pair of standard-definition games, in this case the two Wii-centric Resident Evil rail shooters The Umbrella Chronicles and The Darkside Chronicles, and releasing the tarted-up results on an HD console.  The Chronicles were brainless, fun shooters on the Wii, and they look to be just as fun and a little prettier on the PS3.

The price, however, is even prettier.  Chronicles HD has an asking price of $26.99, which is a notable drop from the two Wii games combined asking price of about 45 bucks used.  However, if for some reason you only want one of the two games (tip: Umbrella Chronicles is not that good), you can purchase each of the titles individually for $14.99 starting July 17th.

Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection will be released June 26th on Playstation Network.