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News Article

'Resident Evil' on the iPhone


This is technically old news, except Capcom themselves forgot to tell anyone!  Resident Evil: Degeneration (FEARnet review here), based on the all CG-movie of the same name (and certainly worth more of a watch than the live action trilogy), launched on April 24th on the iTunes App Store. 
Featuring Leon Kennedy fighting off zombies (holy crap, it’s 1998!), the game looks to replicate the RE4/5 control scheme using the iPhone/iPod Touch’s multitouch feature. 

However, I’m still not sure how well that can function without your viewing area being blocked by your thumbs. If you’re feeling frisky, you can download Resident Evil: Degeneration from the iTunes App Store for the miserly price of $6.99.  Any of you iUsers out there try this out?  Let us know in the comments below!