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News Article

'Resident Evil' Wii News Twofer!

At the recent Captivate ‘09 press event (guess my invitation got lost in the mail…*sniff*), Capcom let out with some juicy info regarding the future of Resident Evil on the Nintendo Wii.  Check out all the info, as well as gameplay footage of Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles after the break!

The previously announced Resident Evil 1 remake, which itself is a remake of the PS1 classic for the Gamecube, has been renamed Resident Evil Archives.  Guess it sounded better than Resident Evil: Buy it Again for the 17th Time.  It features all of the enhancements that the original Gamecube version brought (better graphics, improved gameplay mechanics, tweaked environments) and adds on the Wii’s obligatory motion controls.  It remains to be seen if these are a genuine improvement over the Gamecube controller, which is fairly important given that you can buy the Gamecube version of the game to play on your Wii for about 10 bucks cheaper than the $29.99 that Capcom is asking for the retread.  Guess we’ll find out June 23, when the game is released, assuming that you haven’t already blown your gaming budget on Prototype, Batman: Arkham Asylum, and Ghostbusters by then.

A trailer of gameplay footage for Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles has also been released.  Featuring Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine, it’s a reimagining of Resident Evil 2, albeit with simplified gameplay (think House of the Dead, but taking itself a little too seriously) and greatly improved graphics.  The shaky-cam perspective does leave a little to be desired, as it feels like the characters have been replaced with bobbleheads.

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