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News Article

The Return of LARD!

Our dear 'Uncle Al' Jourgensen has been very busy lately: just a few days after announcing the release of Ministry's 'Adios... Puta Madres' (the swan song for the iconic industrial group), and with his second band Revolting Cocks preparing a new sleazefest ('Sex-O Olympic-O'), Al's putting the word on the street again... this time to announce that his notorious side-project LARD has reunited to work on their first project since the 2000 EP ''70s Rock Must Die'.

A collaboration between Jourgensen, punk-rock icon (and former Dead Kennedys frontman) Jello Biafra, ex-Ministry bassist Paul Barker, and late Nine Inch Nails drummer Jeff Ward, LARD combines Ministry-style hardcore industrial metal riffs with Jello's wicked social satire to create a violently subversive musical assault.

The still-untitled album is tentatively slated to street on May 1st – nearly twelve years after their previous full-length album 'Pure Chewing Satisfaction'. Jourgensen asserts that this project will probably be LARD's final outing... but he's got plenty more projects to keep him busy.