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Revelations Abound on Next Week's 'Teen Wolf'


Next week's episode of Teen Wolf promises to be big. First off, the identity of the Kamina will be revealed. Is it Jackson? Lydia? Someone we never even suspected? All will be revealed on June 25th. Immediately following the episode is Teen Wolf Revelations, a half-hour post-show recap. Teen Wolf follows in the footsteps of The Walking Dead, which found success with a weekly, live after-show called The Talking Dead. As of right now, Teen Wolf Revelations is just a one-time special, but if it gets the ratings that MTV is hoping for, it seems like this could be a regular thing. The after-show will gather the cast to discuss the evening's episode, as well as some of their favorite moments and biggest shockers of season two (keep in mind that we are not even halfway through the season). Get psyched with a clip from the new episode.


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Teen Wolf airs Monday nights at 10pm on MTV. Teen Wolf Revelations will air immediately following, at 11pm.