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News Article

Revisit 'House of the Dead 3&4' on PSN

We love us some House of the Dead over here at FEARnet (well, the games anyway…the Uwe Boll movie?  Not so much.) from the first game all the way through the trashy delights of House of the Dead: Overkill.  Well, those guys at SEGA just couldn't leave well enough alone, and are now porting the third and fourth entries in the zombie-blasting series for download on PSN.  We've got a trailer, thanks to G4, after the break.

The updated versions of the two titles will sport the usual modern-day upgrades, including HD resolutions, Trophies, and support for the Playstation Move (Seriously, who's going to play this with a Dualshock?).  It's especially worth noting that this will be House of the Dead 4's first dance in consumer's homes, as it has never seen (un)life outside of arcades.

House of the Dead 3 will be released February 7th, 2012 on Playstation Network.  House of the Dead 4 will follow after sometime in Spring 2012.