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Revisiting Post Mortem: A New Interview with Mick Garris


Since we spend the entire week revisiting episodes of the FEARnet original series Post Mortem with host Mick Garris, we thought it'd only be fair to put Mick himself in the interview chair for his own Post Mortem-style interview. Below you'll find a brand new 4 part interview conducted specifically for this week long event. In Part 1, Mick talks about his humble beginnings as a film and music journalist and how that gig eventually lead to his interview show for the Z Channel, which in turn led to a writing gig on Steven Spielberg's Amazing Stories. Part 2 delves into the origins of his long collaborative working relationship (and friendship) with the world's best known horror author Stephen King, first on Sleepwalkers and then tackling King's epic & much celebrated novel The Stand

In Part 3, Garris discusses the process of creating the original horror anthology series Masters Of Horror and how the show (which boasted such filmmakers as John Carpenter, John Landis, Takashi Miike and Dario Argento) made it's way to Showtime. In the 4th and final segment, we get to talk in depth about the inspiration behind Post Mortem, going back to his interviewer roots and what he learned from his filmmaker guests & friends. Trust me, folks - this is one killer interview!


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