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Ride Devin Townsend's Hell-Train in 'Juular'


A true renaissance man of epic metal, experimental music and grand-scale audio production, Devin Townsend – founder of legendary metal band Strapping Young Lad – has crossed into musical terrain very few musicians have dared to tread. You never know what to expect from him next, even when he maps out a four-album masterwork under the handle "The Devin Townsend Project." The records have ranged from mellow, ambient soundscapes to mountain-crushing metal and all the shades in between... and Deconstruction is heaviest and most bizarre of them all. "Juular," the new video from that album, should give you a pretty good idea of how completely insane this record is... so you need to hit the jump and check this one out now!

Deconstruction, which made its debut this summer alongside the final installment Ghost, completes the four-album series that Townsend began in 2009 with Ki and Addicted. The single "Juular" includes guest vocals by Isahn, former frontman for Norwegian black metal gods Emperor – who doesn't appear in the video below, but Townsend still found a very interesting way to interpret his contribution on screen.

The clip was helmed by renowned director David Brodsky, whose long list of credits include GWAR's "Let Us Slay," the Creepshow-inspired "Everything Went Black" for The Black Dahlia Murder, and Kittie's zombie-themed "We Are the Lamb." Townsend himself plays a dual role in the film, first as a suave passenger on a literally hell-bound train, and second... well, you can probably figure that one out for yourself. There's a naughty sex-kitten in there too, just to spice things up a bit (thankfully she's not played by Devin), and if you watch carefully, you can catch a cameo from "Ziltoid the Omniscient," another insane character Townsend created for a concept album of the same name.

Devin describes Brodsky as "a true artist" who "really went the extra mile" for this project. Crank up the video below and you'll see exactly what he means...