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R.I.P 'Son of Blob' and 'Dallas' Larry Hagman


If you’re of a certain age, you probably best remember Larry Hagman from his character J.R. Ewing on the prime-time soap opera Dallas.

You may not know that Hagman had a brief stint in the horror genre, on Night Gallery and directing and making an appearance in the 1972 sequel to the Blob, Beware! The Blob (known to most fans of the franchise as Son of Blob). This was Hagman’s only work on a feature film and some may argue that it shows. Dean Cundey, who worked as cinematographer on Halloween and The Thing, was a special effects technician on the film. The special effects in the film were, for the most part, not very special. Nevertheless, kittens everywhere run horrified at the mere mention of the movie.

Watch a clip below.