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News Article

Rob Halford Launches METAL GOD Label

In keeping with his godlike status in the heavy metal universe, Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford has just announced the creation of Metal God records, a new label dedicated to worldwide distribution of metal artists everywhere. The label will be the most ambitious offshoot of Halford’s Metal God Entertainment. More details below the fold…

“It's been a long desire of mine to be a co-owner and participate in the operation of a label focused on supporting the rock and metal communities," Halford stated in the label’s press release yesterday, which mapped out the label’s vast global reach in 2009.

The venture would involve partnerships with ADA Global/Warner Music Group, Sony Japan, Conveyor/Universal Music Canada and Fontana/Universal Music Group – which collectively manage to cover most of the planet, assuring that no culture on earth will be deprived of the life-giving power of metal.

Metal God will be releasing Halford’s new solo concert DVD Crucible World Tour - Live In Anaheim this fall. Jump over to for more news.