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News Article

Rob Zombie to Direct for TV?

The latest word from hints that among several directing projects being considered by Rob Zombie, the rocker/filmmaker has reportedly been to the negotiating table with the producers of an unnamed crime series to discuss the prospect of directing an upcoming episode. Nothing's been officially declared yet, but a few details have emerged... flip it over and find out more!

Blabbermouth cited a report from The Pulse of Radio that suggested Rob was in talks to possibly direct an episode of a certain “forensic crime investigation series,” which they speculate may be none other than CSI or one of its spinoffs.

Zombie has been weighing a variety of different behind-the-camera prospects these days, and has indicated that his next gig may not be a horror film at all... despite the announcement that he may be remaking The Blob, according to the site he's not entirely committed to that one just yet. “I don't know for sure that I'm doing that,” Rob says, “There's truth to it, but as far as when and where it would happen, I don't know. That's the thing with movies, you know... they take a long time to get made and you never know, something completely unexpected could come up in the meantime.”

If and when the decision is made regarding that yet-unnamed TV episode, we'll keep you posted...