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Rob Zombie Guitarist Scoring 'Lords of Salem'


The hits just keep on coming as preproduction continues on Rob Zombie's new feature The Lords of Salem. Not only have actors Bruce Dern, Dee Wallace, Richard Lynch, Meg Foster and Billy Drago signed up for roles in the film, It has now been confirmed that guitar virtuoso John 5 – who has both recorded and toured with Rob's band since the 2006 album Educated Horses – will be composing the score for the film. We've got more details below, so rock on!

"A soundtrack that shreds," Rob declared via his Facebook page, announcing that his long-time guitarist (and former axe-man for Marilyn Manson) had landed the gig. "John totally understands the vibe of the film," Zombie commented, "and is the perfect choice to create the music."

The announcement comes with just over one week remaining before the cameras roll on Lords of Salem, and shortly after last week's announcements that Bruce Dern (Silent Running), Dee Wallace (The Howling), Billy Drago (The Hills Have Eyes 2006) and Richard Lynch (God Told Me To) have all been cast, joining Meg Foster (They Live), who was the first actor chosen for the film.

Shooting is scheduled to begin next week, so stay tuned for more!