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Rob Zombie Posts New Batch of 'Lords of Salem' Pics


Lords of Salem 1

The Lords of Salem, Rob Zombie's new occult horror film, is slated for release this spring, and in the midst of massive buzz following advance screenings, he's been sneaking out little morsels to tempt us even more. The latest batch of goodies were posted recently on Rob's Facebook timeline, and you can scope them out here. In addition to the latest entry in the monochrome poster series shown above, we also get some chilling stills of the witch-hunters (including the mighty Sid Haig and Michael Berryman) and their captives...
Lords of Salem 2
Lords of Salem 3
… a couple of on-set candids including co-star Jeff Daniel Phillips, along with his fellow “Big H Team” DJs Sheri Moon Zombie and Ken Foree flashing the old one-finger salute.... 
Lords of Salem 4
Lords of Salem 5
...and Rob and crew preparing for the witch-burning night scene previewed above.
Lords of Salem 6
Expect to see a lot more in the run-up to The Lords of Salem's theatrical release on April 26th, and while you're here take another look at the awesome trailer: