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Rob Zombie Speaks Out on 'Hellbilly 2'

In a recent interview with MTV News, Rob Zombie talked frankly about his long-awaited new album Hellbilly Deluxe 2, the delay in the album’s release (it was originally set to drop last month), and why his band’s not performing too many of the new songs on the current tour… not yet, anyway. Lots of important info below, so flip it over!

It was basically Rob’s sudden departure from long-time label Geffen Records that forced the change in release plans for Hellbilly Deluxe 2. Now that he’s with Roadrunner, the release schedule got moved from November 17 to February 2, despite the fact that Rob and his band – guitarist John 5, bass player Piggy D and Tommy Clufetos on drums – have already embarked on a new tour.

Although the singles What? and Sick Bubble-Gum have made it into some of their recent shows, Rob told MTV News the band’s not performing too much of the new material on the road just yet: “What I'm discovering is that the songs we have been playing from the new album are connecting in an amazing way, considering that most of the audience doesn't know the songs,” he explained. “There are certain songs… that if you didn't know anything about us and you just came to the show, from the crowd reaction you would assume that was an old favorite we were playing. Sometimes you play new songs and people think, 'Maybe I'll like it later,' but people are digging it now, which is nice."

He admitted that he would have liked to include more of the new songs on tour, but he was afraid he’d be triggering a major leakage. “One song that we've been doing at sound check is Mars Needs Women… We would already play it if everybody didn't bootleg every little thing you do. The whole album would be online if we played any more."

The current tour will take a short break at the end of this week, but Rob and the gang will resume when it’s time to officially promote the Hellbilly release. Check back often for more RZ news!