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Rob Zombie's 'Death Note' Premieres Here!


Remember when Rob Zombie directed that bizarre and funny Woolite ad called "The Torturer?" That one left a good impression on lots of viewers, horror fans or otherwise. While Rob's still involved in postproduction on his feature film The Lords of Salem (no premiere date has been set so far), he's demonstrating his multi-tasking skills by helming a series of commercials for... wait for it... Amdro ant bait. You gotta hand it to the makers of Amdro for getting right down to it and embracing microscopic mass murder, and Zombie certainly knows his way around a grisly cinematic scenario on any scale. But that's just half the fun: portraying the massacre's mastermind is none other than cult icon Clint Howard! You know you want to watch this one, and today you can only see it right here on FEARnet, so go below and enjoy the show!

This three-part series of Amdro ads depicts various people driven to the edge of insanity (or way over it, in this particular case) by those pesky six-legged creatures, and for this edition, entitled "Death Note," Clint Howard's got nefarious plans for his tiny enemies.

"Working with Clint again was a blast," Rob told FEARnet. (The two previously worked together on Salem and earlier on Rob's Halloween.) "Actually it worked out great since the agency wanted a Clint Howard type for the spot. So naturally I said ‘How about if I just call the real guy and see if he's interested?' He was, and the rest is ant-killing history."

In other Zombie news, it was recently revealed that Rob and his band (that being guitarist John 5, bassist Piggy D and drummer Ginger Fish) are returning to the studio soon to begin work on a new album, which is targeted for release late this year.

"It has been way, and I mean way too long without any new music," says Rob. "I am dying to get back to it. I have not felt this much excitement within the band since recording the first Hellbilly Deluxe record almost 15 years ago. We have been working on tons of songs for quite some time and I can safely say this will definitely be our best record yet."

Before that, Rob and the gang will be co-headlining a tour with thrash legends Megadeth, marking the first time the two bands have toured together since the early '90s. The tour kicks off on May 11th in New Jersey and concludes on May 26th at the annual Rocklahoma festival in Pryor, OK.

But right now, check out Clint at his maniacal best in the world premiere of "Death Note!"