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News Article

Rob Zombie's New Album Back On Track

You may recall we reported earlier this year that Rob Zombie had opted to return to work on his upcoming album once production had wrapped on Halloween II... and with that flick hitting theaters Friday, Rob's finally ready to crack those tracks out of storage and get back to the righteous rock. According to the latest from Blabbermouth, Rob's back in the studio putting the finishing touches on the record, which is on track for release in November. Keep reading to find out what Rob had to say...

According to the article, Rob told The Pulse of Radio that this may be his “favorite record ever,” since it's the first time since his White Zombie days that he's recording with a full band.

“You know, all my solo records have been real solo records,” he explained. “There's pictures of people on the record, but they didn't play on the record. This has been the same four guys now for four years and it's all of us really... we really were in a room jamming and making something, and more special things come out that way." Rob also revealed that the record would probably be released on November 10th.

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