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News Article

Rob Zombie's 'Torturer' is Loose!


Just in case you're still having trouble wrapping your brain around the notion of Rob Zombie directing a commercial for Woolite, now we've got more visual evidence - because the ad is now officially airing. What, you thought we were kidding? We wouldn't do that to you. Hit the jump and watch Rob's new sadistic psycho have his way with innocent laundry...

Back in April when Rob posted images from the "Torturer" shoot on his official movie blog, we were kinda baffled at the news. But when the advertisers offered him the project, he decided a commercial was just another medium he hadn't tried yet. It also provided him a way to poke fun at the gritty, ultra-violent imagery of his films, and we gotta admit it's pretty damn clever.

So without further ado, bring on "The Torturer!"