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Robert Englund to Help Resurrect 'Fear Clinic'


Several years ago, FEARnet joined forces with director and SFX guy Rob Hall to create "Fear Clinic," a five-episode web series starring Robert Englund. Englund played Dr. Andover, something of a mad scientist who is convinced he can cure people of their deepest phobias. Since this was for FEARnet, and the original Freddy Krueger was on board, naturally these cures came with danger and consequences.

Apparently five episodes just wasn't enough for the team, and they are working towards getting a feature-length film off the ground. Englund told us a little bit of what we can expect from Fear Clinic the film:

We are introducing an element of darkness, almost a spillage - a residue, if you will, from the fear chamber itself that begins to taint the staff at the hospital. This adds another element to the original hook, which is people with incurable phobias who come to me to be cured. The ending is open enough that I think it would really set itself up as a franchise. Not necessarily because it is the greatest character I have ever played - it is a terrific role and it really goes somewhere - but there are so many great phobias. Sometimes we choose a phobia that lends itself to being acted, or looks good on paper. But sometimes we choose phobias that are so strong visually, we want to milk them. I think there are at least a dozen great phobias out there. If we did four or five per film, that would be two or three movies. Then that will give Aaron (Fear Cliinic writer) a chance to come up with how to stop whatever is - spoiler alert - poisoning Andover. How does it stop? Or will it stop? Help support the Fear Clinic Indigogo campaign.