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Rock Stars Pick Favorite Horror Flicks at Noisecreep

The folks at AOL Noisecreep just pulled off a major coup for their 2011 Halloween music feature: they rounded up a couple dozen artists from the domains of metal, hard rock and punk and asked them to choose their all-time favorite horror movies. They got some sweet, sweet feedback, and compiled it in one massive article. There are a lot of FEARnet faves on that list, and we captured some of the highlights of that article below. Read on for some cool examples and a link to the complete list...

The 24 artists interviewed for the Noisecreep piece include Lacuna Coil singers Cristina Scabbia (shown above) and Andrea Ferro, Anthrax guitarists Scott Ian & Rob Caggiano and their drummer Charlie Benante, vocalist Stu Block of Iced Earth, Devildriver frontman Dez Fafara, Goatwhore guitarist Sammy Duet, Life of Agony bassist (and horror comic book artist) Alan Robert, Theory of a Deadman guitarist Tyler Connolly, guitarist Jeremy DePoyster of The Devil Wears Prada... and those are just the artists we've featured on FEARnet recently. There's tons more, and you need to check 'em out pronto.

A lot of the usual classics (especially Halloween and The Shining) make repeat appearances on their lists, but there's also some original and thoughtful entries – including Scabbia and Ferro's dual choice of Dario Argento's Profondo Rosso (they're Italian, you know); Dr. Butcher, M.D. ranks among the party faves of Metal Blade Records founder Brian Slagel; Fafara (shown above with DevilDriver) declared his profound love of the 1931 Dracula (both the Lugosi version and its Spanish-language counterpart); Duet chose Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things (soon being remade by George Romero, based on a new script by FEARnet's own Drew Daywalt); Terry Corso from Alien Ant Farm digs Bill Moseley as "Chop-Top" in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2... the hits just go on and on.

Head over to and check out the whole list... you'll be there for a while!