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News Article

Romero to Remake Argento's 'Deep Red'...In 3D?


This has to be the craziest news announcement I've had to write up in quite some time. Last week we told you about the news out of Cannes that Dario Argento was planning a 3D redo of Dracula. This weekend it was announced that George Romero is in 'advanced negotiations' to direct a 3D remake of Dario Argento's classic 1975 giallo Deep Red. Hit the jump for the twisted details, THEN you can wash your eyes out.

According to a story that broke this weekend from Variety, Romero's redo of Argento's 1975 Deep Red is an Italo-Canadian co-production from Italian producer Claudio Argento (Dario's brother). Claudio has regularly produced Argento's flicks and has also written the screenplay for this version of Deep Red.

According to the story, the plan is to begin shooting this fall in Canada.

Romero collaborated with Argento (as producer) on Dawn of the Dead (Argento is also responsible for the European cut of the flick which is slightly longer and features the full Goblin score) and the two co-directed the 1990 flick Two Evil Eyes. As of now Argento will not be involved in this production. I can only imagine that Argento did something to REALLY piss off his brother and he is now learning that payback can be a real bitch.