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Ryan Kwanten Talks 'True Blood' Season 5, 'Knights of Badassdom'


I was lucky enough to visit the set of 7500, the latest Takashi Shimizu (The Grudge) flick. You get zero deets on the flick for awhile (sorry - studio orders!) but we did get a chance to sit down with Ryan Kwanten who stars in 7500. It seems the actor always has a role in an upcoming genre project we are dying for info on. Usually it is True Blood, where he plays the adorably dumb Jason Stackhouse. After covering the show for the last few years, I know better than to try to get any plot details out of the cast, but Kwanten did reveal that production on season five of the HBO series begins the week after Thanksgiving. "[7500] has been kind enough to schedule all my stuff up front," he explained of his back-to-back projects.

Luckily, Kwanten is allowed a little more freedom when it comes to discussing Knights of Badassdom, the project from Joe Lynch (FEARnet's Holliston) about LARPers (Live-Action Role-Playing). Hit the jump for more.

On bringing humor into not-obviously humorous projects

"Jason Stackhouse's humor is more situational. I don't play him with the intention of, 'Oh, I hope people laugh at this.' I play the situation for real and it is the situation that is funny. With Knights of Badassdom I'm playing the straight guy, and surrounding myself with great character actors like Steve Zahn and Peter Dinklage, who really add that nice comedic flavor. That was another challenge for me, to drop all sense of pretense and trust the people around me."

With no release date set for Knights of Badassdom, Kwanten surmises it will be released "mid-next year."