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Sailor Moon Meets Sheri Moon in Sailor Moon Zombie Song


Remember your favorite Saturday morning cartoons? They always had awesome theme songs. Sailor Moon Zombie is the adult version. Sexy and evil, she’s the brainchild of Robert "Corpsy" Rhine, Publisher/Deaditor-In-Chief of Girls and Corpses Magazine.

“I wrote the live action pilot for Sailor Moon (for Bandai Entertainment) so I'm familiar with the hit Japanese animated cartoon. I have also worked with Sheri Moon Zombie who graced the first cover of Girls and Corpses Magazine and I am a great admirer of her brilliant performances in House of 1,000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects and Rob Zombie's Halloween 1 & 2. So, I thought why not blend those 2 ideas together? I hired Girls and Corpses artist Nenad Gucunja to do our artwork,” Rhine said.

The Sailor Moon Zombie theme song was written by Quentin Jones of the Reach Around Rodeo Clowns and recorded by his all female band The Clownettes. Jones said he was going for a song that “combined with the vibe of The Ramones, The Shangri-Las and the Runaways.”

No word on what Sheri Moon Zombie thinks about all this. Rock to the song below.