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Satyricon Launching North American Assault

Norway's dark-metal madmen Satyricon are set to kick off a 24-city North American tour this fall, to coincide with the release of a double-disc special edition of last year's critically-acclaimed album, The Age of Nero, which contains tons of material never before released on this side of the pond. The lineup looks pretty damned impressive, with American bands Bleeding Through & Toxic Holocaust and Taiwan's Chthonic rounding out the ticket. More info is lurking below the fold...

Frontman & guitarist Satyr makes no bones about his enthusiasm for returning to these shores: "The way everyone greeted us in the states and Canada during our run in Jan, Feb and March, it was obvious that we needed to come back as soon as possible,” he explained in the band's press release. “The reception we got every night, all the conversations we had after the shows with everyone who had been waiting for us to make it over... it was given that it was never a question of if, just when.” He also pointed out that the band would be returning to many of the venues they visited early this year during a smaller tour, to give dedicated fans the full experience that they had only glimpsed before.

Satyricon will tour with Bleeding through and Chthonic for the entire run – September 25th through October 27th – and Toxic Holocaust will be onboard through October 10th. The Special Edition CD will be released on September 27th, and features eight tracks never before available in the US.