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News Article

Scarecrow Brings the Fear to 'Batman: Arkham Asylum'


Rocksteady and Eidos, apparently not wanting any surprises left for their upcoming Batman: Arkham Asylum have let slip that every horror goon’s favorite Batman villain, the Scarecrow, will be featured in the upcoming game.

While certainly a different look for Dr. Crane than we’ve seen before, with his usual straw man look made more dangerous with the addition of a gasmask and hypodermic needles on his fingertips, it fits the vibe of the character redesigns that Wildstorm has for all of the game’s villains.

Fans of the Scarecrow can also look forward to an exclusive Challenge Map if you preorder the game from GameStop (an exclusivity practice that I’m none too fond of), that pits Batman against Scarecrow and his army of skeletons.  Batman…fighting skeletons?

I need to go lie down now.

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