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News Article

Scaremaker Preparing 'Evil' Debut

Extreme horror and brutal death metal have always been the stock-in-trade of independent record label Razorback Records... but only recently has the label's creator decided to bring those obsessions together to create his very own band. After some enigmatic announcements on the label's blog, word finally came down that the gore/death metal unit known as Scaremaker is now ready to do battle, with several tracks in the works for their debut album What Evil Have They Summoned. Hit the jump and learn about their diabolical plans for 2010!

Razorback founder Billy Nocera and his wife Vanessa have brought together decades of extreme metal and passion for macabre cinema – not only sharing a lifelong love of classic horror, but also having performed separately in several underground metal bands. Now they've teamed up with old-school drummer Elektrokutioner (from death metal unit Decrepitaph, also on the Razorback label) to form Scaremaker – a band they describe as “thrashing death metal... obsessed with all things old, horror, and the macabre.”

The band reports that they will soon be heading to Dallas to begin recording tracks for What Evil Have They Summoned. So far they have written eleven songs for the main album (including some instrumentals), plus two additional tracks for a split MCD with label-mates Fondlecorpse (love that name). The upcoming tracks include sweet titles like Infestation, The Hatched, Nocturnal Bloodbath, Carpathian Breed and Burning Inquisition. The band also hinted that a “very cool and obscure cover song” will be added to the mix soon.

Be sure to check out Razorback’s website and the new Scaremaker MySpace for the latest developments, plus soon-to-be-added horror movie and book reviews written by the band.