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Scares At Your Fingertips: Horror Nail Art


There is a new trend right now towards intricately detailed art on fingernails. No longer satisfied with a straight paint job, women are painting their nails with characters, designs, even entire scenes. Why the hell are we covering it on FEARnet? Because it's not just flowers and Hello Kitty. There are a surprising number of horror-inspired nail designs out there. After about an hour, I had to tear myself away. For more, run a Google image search on "halloween nail art" and be prepared for a major time-suck.

Sonoma Nail Art blog did a 31-day nail art challenge, where every day she did a different design, and they were all horror and genre-related designs: Slimer from Ghostbusters; Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors; It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown; Scooby-Doo. But these three really caught my eye: Freddy Krueger, Elvira, and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas.

Michelle at The Lacquer Files whipped up this ode to Jaws.

This Jaws set comes from Liz at Iceomatic. She also did the below True Blood set.

Nina in the Netherlands did this set of top cinematic baddies: Chucky, Ghostface, Jigsaw, Jason, Joker. Joker and Jason are my favorites.

More boogeymen, this one coming from theflamingspleen's now-defunct Deviant Art page [via EpicPonyz]

Leanne's ghosts glow-in-the-dark! And even though they don't glow, her mummies (below) are wicked.

More mummies, this time spooky and courtesy of Mary at Swatch and Learn

Eye see you! [via All's Good in the Snood]

A mix-and-match of horrific nails from Chronically Unrefined. Bonus points for the textured nails.

Something cute and simple for Halloween [via Add Enamel to Your Life]