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Scary Anti-Christmas from SpookhauS!

If you thought the creators of twisted satanic soundscapes just give up and go into hiding during all the warm 'n' fuzzy festivities this time of year, you haven't spent enough time in our neighborhood. Freezing nights, chill winds and slate-gray skies make the perfect setting for the sinister sensibilities of the Canadian “Artist of Darkness” known as SpookhauS... in his world, perky carolers be damned! He invited FEARnet to check out some anti-Christmas treats he's cooked up in his lab, and there's enough creepiness down there to scare Santa right out of his striped skivvies. Hit the jump and find out for yourself!

SpookhauS, alias Bruce Campbell (no relation to the big-chinned deadite slayer), has been working on four “X-mas Scarols” as an evil alternative to the usual holiday music traditions. The new tunes include Black Christmas – not quite an homage to the slasher classic from fellow Canadian Bob Clark (RIP), but more of a ruthless riff on the Bing Crosby classic; Scary Little Christmas – another diabolical inversion of the traditional tune; the creative An X-mas Carol, which contains some devious cut-ups from the 1951 film A Christmas Carol (starring Alistair Sim as Scrooge); and a remix of the earlier SpookhauS seasonal single, Satan Claws is Coming to Kill. If that isn't enough to terrify your co-workers at the office holiday party, Campbell is also preparing a New Year's-themed spoof on Auld Lang Syne with a Frankenstein theme.

Drop by the SpookhauS MySpace to download 'em all, and while you're there, check out the preliminary artwork for next year's holiday-horror event... the EC-inspired Satan Claws comic book (cover art pictured above), a collaboration between Bruce and up-and-coming Vancouver artist Rob Macabre.