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Scream Factory Exposes Upcoming 'Sleepaway Camp' Blu-Ray Release


Sleepaway Camp Scream Factory

As digital downloads and On Demand rentals threaten the future of physical media, I've personally found it harder and harder to convince myself that it's worth dropping $10 or $20 to add any given movie to my DVD/Blu-ray collection.  I've always considered myself an avid collector of movies, and my massive collection takes up a good portion of space in my living room.  But if I'm being honest, I've bought very few physical copies of movies these last couple years, and don't see much of a need to do so.

Everything I just typed above?  It doesn't apply to the releases that are put out by one company.  And that company, as you've probably already gathered given the title of this post, is Scream Factory.

The genre arm of distribution company Shout Factory, Scream Factory has proven itself to be a real gift for horror fans, giving us Blu-ray releases of our favorite movies that are packed with new special features and adorned with truly amazing artwork.  2013 was an incredible year for Scream Factory and 2014 is looking to be just as impressive, as they've just unveiled artist Nathan Thomas Milliner's incredible cover art for this year's upcoming release of the slasher classic Sleepaway Camp.  As usual, the art will be reversible, with the film's iconic poster art on the other side.

Though bonus features haven't yet been announced, the Collector's Edition DVD/Blu-ray combo pack will be available on May 27th.  See more upcoming releases over on the Scream Factory Facebook page!