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News Article

'The Screecher' Brings Feathered Frights to 'Don't Starve'


Klei Entertainment's Don't Starve was a dark-but-cute survival game that had a dapper gentleman scientist by the name of Wilson hunting and gathering to survive an unforgiving wilderness.  Through the wonders of mods, a horrific add-on has been crafted for the game called The Screecher, which takes the title from top-down strategy to third-person survival horror.

Players of the numerous Slender Man titles will feel right at home: you must try to make your way across an isolated campground to a helipad, gathering notes along the way and avoiding the eponymous Screecher, a beaked beast that's been hunting and killing your camping compatriots.  Catch the cryptid in your sights for too long, and it's game over.  The cartoony art style belies some grisly gruesomeness and startling scares, and the price for owners of Don't Starve (free!) makes it a nail-biting no-brainer.

Don't Starve is available on Steam.