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SD Comic-Con 2012: Darksiders II Preview


THQ was showing off a demo build of their upcoming Darksiders II, a followup to their 2010 release Darksiders. Darksiders II picks up the storyline of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. In the first Darksiders we followed War; the second game follows Death as he tries to clear his brother's name (hey, just because you are named War doesn't mean that you start EVERY war). "We have listened to the community and made a lot of updates based on their suggestions," THQ community manager Mathew Everett tells me. One of the most notable updates is the size and scope of the game. It's huge. "There are four zones in Darksiders II," Everett says. "The first zone is as big as the entire first game." You will also get a raven companion, Dust, who will subtly show you where to go in case you get lost or distracted by a side quest.

Another big change to the game is the addition of talent trees, weapons training, and other little details to make your character and game experience a little more customizable to the way you like to play. "It's similar to how Diablo is structured. Actually, when I was playing Diablo III, I thought, 'Hm, this seems awfully familiar,'" Everett muses. My favorite addition is that, as you get to higher levels, Everett tells me that your weapon can actually eat other weapons to gain certain aspects from them.

As for gameplay, it was quite clean for a demo build. The controls take zero time to learn, even with the newly added wall-walking function. The characters were responsive, and the action was big. Grab Darksiders II for XBox and PS3 this August.