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News Article

SD Comic-Con 2012: Soil Your Pants with Two 'ZombiU' Gameplay Videos


The first look at ZombiU from E3 was a tasty, if unproven concept.  The ideas laid out were solid, but the overall impression was too hypothetical to really build an opinion or even see how it would play out.  Well, we've got 2 new gameplay trailers from G4 that show us just what ZombiU (can we get a slightly less questionable title, please?) is going to bring to the Wii U when it's released.

The two new snippets of gameplay take place in a nursery (always a solid horror location) and outside Buckingham Palace, and show that ZombiU might be the much-needed return to zombie survival horror that all but died with the release of Resident Evil 4.  Adding to that delicious feeling of helplessness that good survival horror brings is the one-bite-and-you're-dead rule, which sees your character dead as soon as teeth meet flesh.  That could make ZombiU one of the most grim and horrific games when it finally releases, presumably at the Wii U's launch.