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News Article

SDCC 2009: GWAR is Leaking... a New Track

GWAR has officially “leaked” the first track from their upcoming (August 18th) album Lust In Space, and although it certainly wouldn't be the first thing to spew out of our beloved intergalactic Scumdogs, at least you won't catch any diseases from this one... well, maybe not. Anyway, “Let Us Slay” is the first of the dozen new tracks from the festering minds of Oderus Urungus and pals to ooze its way onto yon interwebs, and the frighteningly flatulent frontman himself has something to say about that... so read on, kids!

GWAR and the “Slave Pit” have just posted Let Us Slay to their official MySpace, and Oderus, lead singer and self-declared “convicted whale-molester,” had this to say about the new tune: “This song deals with the human race’s lust for blood,” he declared, “all the while maintaining the lie of ‘Thou shalt not kill’... It calls upon the humans to embrace their love of death (and therefore GWAR), shed their hypocritical trappings, and proceed with the apocalypse. It's going to happen anyway, so they might as well enjoy it!"

The band suggested that the forthcoming clip for Slay would be shot by prolific video director Dave Brodsky (not to be confused with Dave Brockie, reportedly the only human who knows what Oderus does when nobody's watching), who previously helmed the promo for GWAR's cover of Alice Cooper's School's Out.

If you're planning on attending this year's San Diego Comic-Con next week, be sure to check out GWAR's headline performance at the Brütal Legend Metal Meltdown, where the band will also be signing autographs at what promises to be the most obscene meet-and-greet since... well, since GWAR's last performance.